Pokemanz! For Halloween

don’t know what kind of costume you would like to wear? Want to look sexy stylish and desirable and still be clever? (heck you could even recycle these for the next comic con)

Dress up as a pokemonz!!!

Here are some ideas but you can be anyone you like!

How About Pikachu? (this one is done a lot)

if you are looking to pick up the ladies!

I herd u leik mudkipz!

a little NSFW, but I don’t think you guys mind.


and Misty!



I want to see some Snorlax, or Bidoof sexy costumes this year!


Make it happen please!!!!!!!!!!!

About ckrickett

I'm a crazy concoction of this and that. I am in school for baking and pastry, want to do dessert and sugar art. I am an artist, a modern day apothecary (bartender) also I am a world class nerd (sort of) and I dabble in just about anything I can get my hands on. You can find my writings and art and general stuff all over this vast internet, this interstellar Thumderdome! Let me educate you on the awesome!
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One Response to Pokemanz! For Halloween

  1. chris21206@facebook.com says:

    Hi I just wanted to know where to get the male pikachu costume?

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