Pixel Shades!

There is a plethora of interesting new styles of sunglasses out there. Some make you look like a mad scientist, others a douche-bag. Then there are these pixel glasses, which I think are pretty terrific!

I really like them. Then again I’m almost willing to shell out 80 dollars for 8-bit garter tights. So you can say I’m an 8-bit connoisseur! One thing though, they are expensive. So are they worth the 198 Euros? I would say Yes. But they will impress your family and friends and might possibly get you laid! So then are they worth the 198 Euros, I still say yes!

Glasses version, minus the tinted lenses

They have a few other styles and interesting designs so head to the Official Site to check them out!

About ckrickett

I'm a crazy concoction of this and that. I am in school for baking and pastry, want to do dessert and sugar art. I am an artist, a modern day apothecary (bartender) also I am a world class nerd (sort of) and I dabble in just about anything I can get my hands on. You can find my writings and art and general stuff all over this vast internet, this interstellar Thumderdome! Let me educate you on the awesome!
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One Response to Pixel Shades!

  1. omg these are totally awesome!

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