Dinosaur Art :: Heck Yeah!

SO I’ve been busy, busy like a little bee! See I have been working really hard to work for myself, while I get my life “on track” and figure out a career option as well as work towards that career option. Working in retail and food was a huge setback so thankfully after MONTHS of hard work I am at a place where I make enough money to pay my bills, have a little extra and be content! It was so worth the work, although a lot of people seem to think I need a “real job”. But isn’t the point of a job to bring in money, and if I am bringing in money then isn’t that all they should be worrying about? Anyways OFF TOPIC!

I had a commission from a friend in Antartica to paint a sexy Velociraptor for him, and I did!! Here she is…

“Velociraptor” 16×20 Acrylic on Canvas.

If you like her prints are available!

Another one I did was for an upcoming art show. I am happy at how silly, and wonderful it turned out!

“Prehistoric Astronaut” 18×24 Acrylic on Canvas

Prints are also available of this guy!

Anyways I am super happy with them! I love dinosaurs and any excuse to paint them is fabulous!

I’m also offering $20 commissions of small paintings that can be of your choice or a surprise! If you are interested details are here!

About ckrickett

I'm a crazy concoction of this and that. I am in school for baking and pastry, want to do dessert and sugar art. I am an artist, a modern day apothecary (bartender) also I am a world class nerd (sort of) and I dabble in just about anything I can get my hands on. You can find my writings and art and general stuff all over this vast internet, this interstellar Thumderdome! Let me educate you on the awesome!
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3 Responses to Dinosaur Art :: Heck Yeah!

  1. Ken says:

    Do what you like and keep exploring and branching out to other things you like. Real jobs are over-rated. Also though, put some away for when you are old!

  2. Ken says:

    *laughs* I meant money.. put your money away for when you get old! I know the feeling though, I am about to put all of my things in to storage and then slowly get rid of all the clothes and momentos I have collected over the years.. 14 years collecting D&D books and 300 odd novels makes for pain in the ass moving and making sure I find cheap air-conditioned storage places.

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