Shark Week is the best week out of the whooooolllleeeeee year! So to celebrate I am doing a number of things!

Get this art print of my Original Piece Shark Attack for 50% off

Offer Good until the end of the month!

I want to paint more sharks! SO offering $100 shark commissions (11×14 or 12×12 only)

Use discount code SHARKATTACK at my etsy or etched glassware company for an additional 10% off! (good until the end of the month)

My Etsy- Original Art, Prints, vintage baubles

Illuminated Lion– Fun and Nerdy Custom etched Glassware!

About ckrickett

I'm a crazy concoction of this and that. I am in school for baking and pastry, want to do dessert and sugar art. I am an artist, a modern day apothecary (bartender) also I am a world class nerd (sort of) and I dabble in just about anything I can get my hands on. You can find my writings and art and general stuff all over this vast internet, this interstellar Thumderdome! Let me educate you on the awesome!
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