Sexy Babezillas of Comic Con 2010

Because not everyone can dress up like a Night Elf and look good!

Christy Marie and another look alike,

Tank Girl

Tank Girl

Hot Sexy Feline Fatale! not from 2010 but we shall never forget the babe-ism in this pic

Oh dear LORD!

money shot

a burlesque dancer

another burlesque dancer

I like this new trend of Nerdy Burlesque Shows. Epic Win Burlesque is still my favorite.

Felicia Day with the most amazing Mass effect cosplay ever! Look at Grunt, that sexy babes!

About BeautyMeow

I am a lady that loves art, cartoons, skincare and makeup!
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2 Responses to Sexy Babezillas of Comic Con 2010

  1. You gotta love it, for some it’s what they go to Comic-Con for.

    • ckrickett says:

      I have alot of respect for cosplayers, some of the costumes they spend MONTHS on, That Mass Effect group, thats a 100% fabricated animatronic Grunt.

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