Little Big Planet 2…EXCITED!

So Little Big Planet 2 comes out soon and I am so flipping excited! I pre-ordered this game like 6 months ago!!! I decided to get the collectors edition because you get all the neat costumes and extras PLUS some cool merch like a little Sackboy and book ends! I played the demo and it’s fun but I really want to sink my teeth into some of the player made levels! I’ll keep you all posted on how amazing it is when I get it!

Here is what comes with the collectors edition as well as some cool stills from the game!


Game Stills!


All in all it looks to be an incredibly entertaining, innovative and darn right adorable new game experience! If it is anything like the first game we will have one heck of a game on our hands!

About BeautyMeow

I am a lady that loves art, cartoons, skincare and makeup!
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