AutoWed… Automated Wedding Machine!

We have all heard of the quickie wedding chapels. Heck they even have Drive-Thru marriage places. But now for the super convenient couple on the go they have an automated wedding vending machine! That’s right, if you can’t be bothered for family, friends, fun and FOOD this is the wedding for you (don’t forget stress, guilt trips and feelings of regret; as a small gathering turns into a $50,000 extravaganza!) The nifty love machine is called AutoWed and it;s waiting for  your love and commitment forever! I know this is the special day I have been dreaming about for FOREVER! /swooooon

AutoWed is actually a novelty machine created by ConceptShed, which offers the ability to get quickly hitched – probably the fastest way out there. You’ll get a couple of rings, a personalized certificate for just £1/$1. There are audio prompts, specially-produced music, and a retro keyboard and display. The whole thing is wrapped up like a pink Cadillac with aluminum fittings. []



Beautiful embossed wedding license

Source Technabob! Where you can find even more glorious pictures!

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