Holiday Gift Giving Guide :: For the She Geeks

If you are lucky enough to wrangle yourself a special nerdy lady, and you don’t know what to get her this holiday season; let me help you! (Some of these are pulled fro my secret Christmas list).

We all know the first place most of you guys go is to , and why not it has so many toys, goodies, edibles and geek apparel that you could pretty much do all your Christmas shopping there in one shot! But you can also easily get lost! I picked out some winners to help you along!

Giant Microbe Plushies

These Microbe Plushies really are a phenomenal gift! Not only are they cute and cuddly, but they remind you that crazy things lurk in your insides! Malaria was never so adorable!

Chain Mail Gaming Dice Bag

chainmail dice bag

If you’re dating a Rennie who loves to LARP, or wants a bit of authenticity for her D&D Warrior cosplay costume; this chain mail gaming bag is he ticket to success for you!

Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit

Now you can carry her around in real life! PotatOS with be your best friend next to Weighted Companion Cube!

Now Think Geek isn’t the only stop of she geek holiday shopping. In fact you have the entire internet (and local shops) at your disposal! Since I can’t really tell you were to go locally I will show you some other great holiday gifts across the world wide web!

For SciFi geeks here are some great gifts!

Eureka Holiday Tote Bag

If she is a fan of the ScyFy hit Eureka (and WHO ISN”T!!!??) This tote is inspired by their holiday episode where things go completely wacky!! I just wish they had Jo’s blue birds!

BSG Cylon Spine Shirt

A sexy shirt for your sexy Cylon!

Science Geeky Girls are a lot easier to shop for, but here are some suggestions!

Periodic Table Card Deck

Amazing card deck with beautiful photographs of the elements and detailed information! A perfect gift for any science/nature nerd!

Klein Bottle

Now first you might be asking yourself. What is a Klein Bottle. Well…

In 1882, Felix Klein imagined sewing two Möbius Loops together to create a single sided bottle with no boundary. Its inside is its outside. It contains itself.

Take a rectangle and join one pair of opposite sides — you’ll now have a cylinder. Now join the other pair of sides with a half-twist. That last step isn’t possible in our universe, sad to say. A true Klein Bottle requires 4-dimensions because the surface has to pass through itself without a hole.

It’s closed and non-orientable, so a symbol on its surface can be slid around on it and reappear backwards at the same place.You can’t do this trick on a sphere, doughnut, or pet ferret — they’re orientable. >

So since a true Klein bottle can only be represented in 4 dimensions the wonderfully quirky people at Acme Klein Bottle have done their best to bring you Klein Bottles in 3 dimensions! You can get tiny ones for as low as $35 dollars and MASSIVE ones for $18,000! Any size will sure to impress!

Gifts for the girly gamer.

DICE is always a winner!

Here are some incredible dice to fill that chain mail dice bag!

D20 forged from a meteorite!

This amazing D20 carved from a meteorite will sure give you some crits! has some really magnificent dice! Their Dwarven Stone dice are available in meteorite, mammoth and they used to have a dinosaur bone D6!

Delectable dice set and bag straight from Doritodonia!

Fan of Nerdy Show’s epic fun time also known as Dungeons and Doritos? Have a sick love affair with cheesy dice? Are you a crazy Chair that has turned into a naked angry dwarf? If so this dice set is for you!!! set of 4 custom D6s with the iconic Dungeons and Doritos logo embellished on a side and one of them in SPICY HABANERO flavor, you also get a custom screen printed dice bag! (dice are not actually flavored)

Game Science Precision Dice

Game Science dice are well know for their amazing precision. These also come in a fabulous amount of colors! If you haven’t heard about them watch these informative videos!

Part 1

Part 2

I’m going to end this she geek holiday shopping list with some generic female inspired goodies!

Murloc Hoodie

murloc hoodie

Warrgle Garggle Blargggle! Available from Jinx!

Trebuchet Kit

For a lady in love with medieval warfare!

Dino Legos

dino legosNothing says “Happy Holiday Baby” like some Dinosaur Lego Sets!!!

Well I hope this little guide helped you guys out with your she geek holiday shopping! These gifts are also great for Valentines Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries!!

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