Nerdy Show’s Holiday Special :: Life Day Spectacular

Join the ENTIRE cast of Nerdy Show (and I mean everyone, Brian, Hex, The Boys of Flame On, Marc with a C, myself and more) for the Holiday special of the year!! Music, laughs, tears, family and friends, did I mention I Fight Dragons is there too!? Well boy howdy are they and if you want to tune in you will be treated to such Earthly delights your skivvies won’t be able to contain themselves!

Listen to the episode here!!!

Winter holiday specials are a time honored tradition. Some are simply strange attempts to cash in on the holiday season (*cough*StarWars*cough*), others are brilliant, creative outpourings in the name of warmth, family, togetherness, and the hope that maybe, just maybe we can make the world a better place.  We’d like to think this is the latter, but we’re willing to bet you’ll disagree.

Whatever you celebrate this holiday season – Nerdy Show is right there with you! We’ve got a nondenominational fest-stravaganza! (Well, unless Wookie is a denomination). Yes, it’s that time of year again, Life Day, when all Wookies return to Kashyyyk to celebrate. But unfortunately for Nerdy Show’s Wookie friend, Grumpy, he can’t get a lift to the forested planet. Instead, the Nerdy crew are taking him up to Brian’s cabin in the woods where he can commune, but there’s one big problem – they’re stuck in the worst holiday traffic jam of all time!

Join the entire Nerdy Show gang – yes, all of us – including Flame On and Marc With a C as well as special guests I Fight Dragons! Plus a Dungeons & Doritos Crunchmas Special! We guarantee, you’ve never in your life experienced a holiday show like this.

About BeautyMeow

I am a lady that loves art, cartoons, skincare and makeup!
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