SDCC Cosplay :: The Red Hot Babes of Comicon 2012

I actually enjoy these cosplay blog posts!

SDCC has ended just a few weeks ago but that doesn’t stop the internet flooding Google image search with costume and cosplayers aplenty! Since this is such a big event I will be covering the cosplay in more then one post. But let us start out with the amazing cosplay babes of this years SDCC!

It’s hard to think of anyone who embodies sexy, strong and confident like Catwoman. So She obviously madethis list! [source: Comicvine]

Vampirella! [source: mtv]


Lumpy Space Princess is so sexual! [source: comics alliance]

[source: comics alliance]


This is actually a good, well constructed, sexy Felicia cosplay. I am shocked! Everyone give her a round of applause!  [source: comics alliance]

Really pretty Merida cosplay. [source: youbemywookie]

How about some Dr Who Cosplay! The 10th Doctor is always sex, but thats a lovely TARDIS he is traveling with! [source: Comicvine]

Some X-Men action for ya! [source: mtv]
Well I hope you enjoyed my tiny gallery. There is more where that came from!

Stay Tuned!

Since I am to broke and busy to make it to SDCC I have to rely on the internet to complile these posts. As usual I do my best to source,I am human and I can miss things. If the source is not embedded on the images (of if it is hard to tell what the logo is) I will provide links. If I forget to source,or if you want your image removed feel free to ask I will be happy to oblige.

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I am a lady that loves art, cartoons, skincare and makeup!
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