Art Attack : I Know I’ve been AWOL

I haven’t posted much on here recently, and I always mean too. BUT the reason why is I have been super duper busy the past few months!

I have been doing a ton of art shows, and commissioned pieces and I figured I would at least show you guys some of the pieces I have been working on!


“Still a Better Love Story” Gonzo and Camilla The chicken!!

24×24 acrylic on Canvas

I LOVE these two, they flew across the country and are thousands of miles away from me. But I am glad they have a good home!



16×20 Acrylic on Canvas

Fun commission I got to do. I really enjoyed painting this!


“It’s Not Easy Being Green’

5×7 Acrylic and Ink on Canvas Panel


“Rainbow Raptor”

11x14Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

I painted this one for kicks (he is also for sale!)

I have a ton of new merch like buttons, prints, and postcards on my etsy if you fancy anything. Check it out!


About BeautyMeow

I am a lady that loves art, cartoons, skincare and makeup!
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4 Responses to Art Attack : I Know I’ve been AWOL

  1. I LOVE it’s not easy being green! So well done. So light hearted and just brings a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the graboid, but the title “Still a Better Love Story” actually made me guffaw. GUFFAW.

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